Tally Guru Certification Introduction

Axn Tally Academy and Tally Institute give you a comprehensive certification from Tally intends to recognize certified candidate as an expert in accounting on Tally.ERP 9.  After the course, the candidates successfully completing the online assessment will earn a verifiable digital certificate from Tally.
TallyGURU certifies a candidate as highly experienced on Tally.ERP 9 and well-versed with principles of accounting, inventory, taxation, and payroll.


  • Fundamentals of Accounts
  • Maintaining Chart of Accounts
  • Maintaining Stock Keeping Units (SKU)
  • Performing the Accounting Entry / Recording Day to Day Business Transactions
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable Management
  • MIS Reports
  • Order Processing
  • Allocation and Tracking of Expenses / Incomes
  • Maintaining Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Banking
  • Recording Transactions for Trading Businesses (VAT)
  • Recording Transactions for Trading Businesses (CST)
  • Recording Transactions for Service Industries (Service Tax)
  • Recording Transactions with TDS
  • Accounting for Trading Organisation (Excise for Dealer)
  • Accounting for Manufacturing Organisation (Excise for Manufacturer)
  • Recording Vouchers with TCS
  • Data Security
  • Data Management
  • Connectivity Features
  • Utilities
  • Special Transactions
  • Budgets and Controls
  • Interest Calculation
  • Multi-Currency
  • Managing Payroll of a Company
  • Fundamentals of Audit
  • Fundamentals of Business Operations

Assesment Features 

Assessment Format: Online
Duration: Two Hours
No. of Exams: One Exam
Certification Type: Digital
Certification Validity: 2 Years


About Axn Tally Academy 

We are one of the best tally academies in Tirupur, Coimbatore, Erode, and Salem. We are the certified tally academy partner and tally institute of learning partner. Axn Tally Academy have all the courses offered by the tally institute.